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Pascal Mamet - Mauritius Sports Photographer

I love to make photographs, it's simple as that... I have always been passionate about photos and always considered taken nice pictures as a hobby. 2005 was the time when I got more serious about Mauritius photography and I bought my first professional camera in 2006.Since then I have learnt how to efficiently use the camera during the years, learning the technicalities of this fantastic tool. 

 Photography being so vast, I have decided to specialize in sports and adventure events. For me, sport photography is the most exciting and challenging types of photography . To capture the magic moments in sports, you must be able to predict peak action and this requires knowledge and timing . On the website you will discover Mauritius photos of Kitesurfing , Mauritius images of the Beach Rugby Tournament , Dodo Trail 2011 photos in Mauritius, Mauritius Marathon pictures, Royal Raid photos and many other Mauritius sports photos.

The fusion of sport and Mauritius is so appealing since the island is already surrounded by so many idyllic spots. Sports, on the other hand is the most beautiful way to demonstrate the power of the human to compete and his drive to excel beyond the body’s normal capabilities. I focus a lot to captivate each special and distinctive moment that highlights the skills and standards achieved by the athletes in the most beautiful milieu so that it remains an ever lasting memory.

Special thanks to my friend Berty who assists me. Our collaboration and combined talents have choregraphed numerous assignments to corporate sponsors for sporting and adventure events. Being a professional Mauritius Photographer, my website is regularly updated with latest Mauritius sports action photos.